With support just right for you, you can feel right at home with ATCQ.

All Types of Care Queensland (ATCQ) is an experienced service provider allowing participants to receive quality and tailored supports to meet their individual needs.

We can work with you to source suitable accommodation or provide this support in your own home.

ATCQ offers a wide range of supports and has a large and experienced team of caring and qualified support workers who are hand selected to match the right care team to your needs.

ATCQ provides supports 24 hours a day 7 days a week with opportunities for capacity building to improve daily living and other skills while encouraging independence and ensuring your individual support needs are met. We will support you with daily living tasks including preparing meals, cleaning, personal care, medication, appointments and any other daily tasks you may need. You will be supported to be actively involved in the running of your home and making decisions yourself or with your housemates.

ATCQ is expanding our Supported Independent Living service to enhance your ability to live independently. We work with you to learn practical skills, empowering you to better manage your home environment, relationships and community engagement. We will empower you through informed decision making, promoting dignity, developing skills, encouraging independence and support you to achieve your goals. We will help you to understand what services are available, how they can be accessed and delivered to ensure your needs are met. Interested in exploring your independence?

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