Our Mission is to enhance the lives of people living with a disability enabling opportunities for choice and inclusion while providing compassionate, safe, dignified, personalized high quality support to enhance the lifestyle for people with disabilities and their families or guardian’s.


Our Vision is to enhance the quality of life through a socially just, accessible and inclusive service, supporting people with a disability to live the life they choose, building independence, creating opportunities and providing choice in all our support programs and services.


Our Values are centered around our staff, participants and their families or guardians.


We promote that people with a disability have equal rights, equal opportunity, equal access.


We treat all people with dignity, sensitivity, and courtesy and respect peoples decisions opinions and views. This includes respecting the privacy and confidentiality of information and treating all complaints seriously.


Supporting you to make your own decisions.


We are sure to listen, respect your choices and your body, make sure you are included and heard. We strive to ensure you have all the support you require.


We build a trusting relationship through treating people equally and demonstrating integrity through open and honest communication.

Development & Improvement

We strive for excellence. We peruse continuous growth, high performance, and improvement. Your feedback is always valued.

Safe & Harmonious Working Environment

We offer a workplace that provides support, guidance, and acceptance to all staff and participants.

Privacy & Confidentiality

This is of utmost importance as outlined in our Privacy and Confidentiality Policy and Procedure.

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