NDIS registered nurses assisting participants with complex needs.

ATCQ specialist support workers understand the participants who have high care needs.

This involves careful implementation of the daily needs of the clients in order to respond to the participants with complex needs.

NDIS registered nurses provide post-acute care clients in their homes, in supported housing or in a residential home. They posses impeccable communication skills, maintain patience and are open to working in a clinical setting and off-site like going for home visits.

Professional Community Nursing Care from All Types of Care Queensland gives you the peace of mind that you will be taken care by professionally trained, experienced Nurses who can better understand your needs and treat you accordingly.

What Our Community Nursing Provides

Our Community nursing team provide a wide range of personal care and support to physically challenged and temporarily housebound individuals. The services include:

  • Coordinating care for individuals with long-term conditions or complex health needs
  • Administering medication and supporting self-administration
  • Dressing and managing wounds
  • Providing Catheter Care in Clinics and within the individuals home
  • Providing Wound Care for housebound individuals after surgery
  • Supporting issues around continence
  • Caring at end of life

We also provide our nursing services for those who don’t want to admit in the nursing homes and want to get treated at their home. In such cases, our nurses can work closely with a GP and other community health services (appointed by the client). They can also work with individuals and their families and personal carers, help them with the skills and knowledge to manage their conditions independently at home.

Our Community Nursing service is provided 24 hours a day seven days a week.

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